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Monday, February 27, 2012

Michael Jackson Interview Germany March 20-1999

Wetten, Dass...?' March 20, 1999 (Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken, Germany)

TG: Thomas Gottschalk (show host)
MJ: Michael Jackson
JM: Jonathan Morrish (head of Sony, UK)

[About 150 fans are let into the Saarlandhalle at both sides of the stage. At about 10
p.m. 'We Are The World' video is shown just before Michael appears at the show.
TG: "The King of Pop"! Here is Michael Jackson !!!"
[Michael (MJ) walks in. He is wearing black trousers, a black jacket with a red band
on his one arm, a white shirt, black boots and sunglasses. His hair is shoulder length.
Thunderous applause, the fans scream for minutes.]

[Michael greets TG and makes a short gesture as to how tall TG is.]
TG: Let’s talk a little bit about the new project...
[They walk over to the couch where the other show guests are sitting. TG sits down
but MJ waves to the fans so TG gets up again. The fans are still screaming so that a
conversation is impossible for minutes. MJ smiles.]
TG: So....Thank you. [to the fans]
MJ: They just can’t stop...

TG: Then....Michael, they don’t listen to me..
[Fans are still screaming so loud that no one can understand a word.]
Today he wants to ........listen to..... listen to us a over there as well
[meaning the second group of fans on the other side of the stage]. Come on....poor
Michael would be happy if you listen to him once. He has seen you now. Ok. So....we
know you love him. Please think a little of uncle Thomas. I want to ask him some
things. Ssshhhht...come on !.... short break!!!!!! Do I have to scold you again??
MJ: [Blows a hand kiss to the fans and points towards them...giggles.]
Give me that picture. Give me that picture. Morrish...gimme that picture.
[Fans start screaming again.]

TG: It’s like being in a pliers. When I have these ones here in the grasp [pointing to
the fan group on the left] the ones over there start being loud again. Ok kids.
Listen...let’s talk 2 sentences about this new project...... Kids, you don’t know what’s
going to come...
[Someone hands over a banner to Michael which reads: "Children's paradise in your
He has got a new project. There will be 2 big concerts by and with him.... one here in
Germany and one in Korea.
[Meanwhile MJ puts the banner to the floor and looks at it.]

Michael, a new project of yours. How did you get the idea for such a project?
MJ: Well...what happened was....
[Fans start to scream again as they hear Michael talk.]
..I am...I....I...
[Fans still screaming so that Michael can’t continue to talk.]
TG: Okay, tell us...
MJ: I knew I had to do something. I just couldn’t sit back, you know, between now
and the millennium and do nothing. And then I had this idea for a song and the words
"What more can I give" kept coming. Then I knew I had to do
something...ahem...And about the same time.....I was talking to president Mandela
and when he invited me to perform that was all the inspiration that I needed.
[Giggles and the fans start screaming again loud so that MJ can’t continue.]

TG: Come on [to the fans]... I will tell you something about it. He will travel to
Michael Mand...ääähhh...Nelson Mandela and explain this project to him again. And
later on I will talk to representatives of the groups that help him with this project- the
Red Cross and the UNESCO.
Michael, in Seoul you’ll meet some of your friends that you invited: Pavarotti, Stevie
Wonder, Eros Ramazotti, maybe the Scorpions. We are happy of course that you will
come with them to Munich. Are you also looking forward to Munich?

MJ: [The fans are still screaming loud and Michael was watching them while TG was
talking. He seems a little confused as TG waits for him to answer the question. It
seems that he just missed the question - maybe due to the fans that are still screaming
so loud that you can barely understand a word.]
[He seems a little confused about what he is expected to say so he looks around for a
known face to help him out. He sees Jonathan Morrish (head of Sony UK) points
towards him asking him to come over to the couch.]

Mr. Morrish...he is better equipped than me....from Sony.
[Jonathan Morrish (JM) takes a seat.]
TG: He is the boss of the record company.
MJ:...and Marcel Avram...
[At the moment Marcel Avram is serving a jail sentence for tax evasion but he was
allowed to leave the prison for this occasion. MJ makes signs towards Marcel to come
to the couch as well but Marcel doesn’t want to.]
JM: I think there is a....This is a very serious evening! What Michael is doing is
enormous. He is giving of himself - he always does. I think he is wanting - There is
one important message why he is doing the show in Munich and a show in Korea.
[Meanwhile Michael takes one of the bell flowers which are on the side of the couch
as a decoration - the fans start screaming again]

What we all got to remember is the tragedy and suffering at the second world war - a
lot of countries got split. Germany unified 10 years ago - that’s why Michael wants to
do a show here. The other reason why the show is in Seoul is because’s very
important. Michael wants to get the message across that North and South Korea got to
unite again. And that’s a very important part of what these twin shows are for that will
be done by Michael with the friends that Thomas already announced.
TG: Wonderful! Thank you. Michael couldn’t have said it better. Thank you very
[He shakes hands with Michael and wants to discharge him.]
It’s a pleasure. An honour of course. Thank you.

We have.... Michael, do you remember "Wetten, dass...." have been
with us. A little memory when he sang at "Wetten, dass..." back then.
[They show parts of Michael’s "Earth Song" performance. Michael does some little
dance moves to the music. After that he goes over to the fans on the left.]
Just say "Hello".
MJ: [Points at a banner.] Oh...Wayne...Wayne, get that one.... Get that one.... Come
on....That one....That one [pointing towards the banner he would like to have].
TG: [TG wants to lead Michael to the exit but Michael just doesn’t want to leave. He
is still watching the fans and their banners.]
Thank you for being here. Thank you.

[Nevertheless Michael returns to the fans to get the banner he had pointed at and
Teddy Lakis hands it and 2 others over to him. Michael waves to the fans then he
looks for the banner he had pointed at and shows it to TG.]
MJ: Very lovely!
TG: Oh.Yes. Thank you, Michael. Thank you. Bye-bye.
[Michael walks out with the banner under his arm. TG sits down a chair - absolutely
Oh, oh. Oh, I never want to become a legend [meaning the fans].
[Then TG talks to Dr. Peter Walker (chief of the Red Cross) and Dr. Dieter Bärstecher
(UNESCO). Both organizations will be involved in the project as well and all the
money raised by the concert will be used for charity.

Dr. Walker explains that the Red Cross will use the money that will be raised with the
- as he calls it - project "Adventure of Humanity" to finance projects around the
world. For example they will send medicine and food to North Korea. Some money
will go to Latin America where hurricane Mitch just caused severe damages. Further
support will go to Africa, especially war zones like Uganda and Angola, to reunite
families that have been separated during war.
Dr. Bärstecher finally adds that the UNESCO will use the money for their "Children
in need" program which provides direct help (food, education) for children all over
the world.]

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Michael Jackson Interview Access holywood 2006

Michael Jackson Talks To Access Hollywood in the Studio
This is a transcript of an interview between Michael Jackson and Access
Hollywood’s Billy Bush that aired on Thursday, November 2, 2006.
**Billy Bush: Michael invited me to Ireland, to observe him, as he got back into the
studio. Can lightning strike twice for the King of Pop? Michael insisted this was NOT a
formal interview. He wanted us to be more like flieson the wall. Let's face it, the way
Michael sees it, when a camera and microphone has charmed its way into his personal
space, it has turned out badly for him. So with that in mind, we agreed to just turn the
cameras on. (Cuts to footage of Michael in the studio, and walking around around
Irish estate with Billy Bush and Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, with a new track
playing in the background)

BB: So this is really a kind of an exploratory mission. You (pointing at Michael)
deciding to get back into making music...
Michael Jackson: (Smiling) I never stopped... I'm always writing a potpourri of music,
you know, it's how it is.
BB: (Voiceover) Relaxed, and ready to return.
(Cuts to footage of Michael laughing)
BB: (To Will.I.Am) Let's hear it.
(Will.I.Am starts playing a track he has prepared for Michael)
BB: (Voiceover) That, is the Michael Jackson we found when Access journeyed over
5000 miles to this classic old Irish estate (footage on screen) outside of Dublin. The
stone manor is built to rock with a state of the art recording studio. But it's because of
the beauty of the emerald landscape that Michael chose to be here.
(Cuts to footage of BB in grounds of the estate)

BB: What goes on on these grounds is a lot of exercise and walking and horse back
riding. Michael wakes up in the morning, he makes porridge for his kids, which is
oatmeal, and fruit. All the food is organically grown here. The amazing thing is, is
that the man that is known as the P.T. Barnum of the recording industry (everything
done big and extravagant) is really sort of dialling it back... to the roots.
(Cuts to more footage of Michael in the studio)
BB: (Voiceover) Michael is on the search for fresh sounds and Black Eyed Peas
leader Will.I.Am is the man with the beats.
(Footage of Will.I.Am and Michael nodding away to a track that is being played)
BB: Will, we were talking a little earlier, you got a phone call on the tour bus, right?
Someone said, "Mike's on the phone..."
Will: I was like, "no, come one, stop playing around." I didn't know it. I thought
somebody was joking.

BB: So this is like eh, this is baby steps? Of just checking out what may be a
collaboration or some work together?
Michael: Yeah, yes.
BB: Why Will?
Michael: Because I think he's doing wonderful, innovative, positive great music.
Thought it'd be interesting to collaborate or just, you know, see how the chemistry
works... be wonderful.
Will: This is like, a dream come true for me, you know.
BB: (To Michael) Does he take your advice well?
Michael: (Nodding and smiling) Yeah, we uh, yeah we...
(Will.I.Am interrupts, Michael laughs)
Will: I have... you have to take advice from the King of Pop.
(Billy Bush laughs)
Michael: I like to take sounds and put them on a microscope and just talk about how
we wanna manipulate the character of it.

BB: (Voiceover) Will brought something new to the table, while keeping that classic
Michael sound intact.
Will: (To Michael about the music playing) Living 'Off the Wall' with them kind of
strings... (smiles)
Michael: Oh yeah, yeah, 'Off the Wall' yes.
(Laughter all around)
BB: (Voiceover) If Michael likes what he hears, he'll add his own musical touches.
But for now, the two (Michael and Will) work the board, weaving out a sound and
tapestry - layer by layer.
Michael: Pretend we're technically inclined. (Laughter all round)

BB: (Voiceover) Do NOT doubt his (Michael's) tech savvy, Michael knows his way
around a recording studio AND our new digital camera.
(Footage of Michael holding a camera from the Access Hollywood crew)
Michael: That's a beauty. You can edit within the camera...
BB: Film me.
Michael: So s...
BB: Can you operate it?
Michael: Uh, I don't know, ok yeah... (points camera at Billy Bush)
BB: Are you a technology...
Michael: Yeah, I love cameras...
BB: Love the action?
Michael: Yeah. Love it. It's a beauty. (Starts to put camera down, turns to crew
member) What's the price of this one on retail?
Crew member: $6,000.
Michael: Wow!

BB: (Voiceover) But what really impressed Michael? Will's music.
(Footage of Michael bopping his head to the music before it stops)
BB: What you think there?
Michael: They're very nice grooves...
Will: Alright...
Michael: I like the chords, I like what you did.
Will: That's a... that's a club banger.
BB: Yeah...
Will: That's what they call that one.
(Music starts playing again, Will and Michael move to the music)
BB: (Voiceover) Will's beats are infectious, and an enthusiastic Michael could NOT
contain himself.
(Cuts to footage of Michael moving to other side of studio to dance a few steps)
Michael: (To Billy Bush) Do you feel you have enough (footage)?

BB: I could go forever Michael. (Laughter all round) You don't wanna ask me that
The below is a transcript of an interview between Michael Jackson and Access
Hollwood's Billy Bush that aired on Friday, November 3rd.
Billy Bush: Yesterday, in Part 1 of my exclusive in-studio visit, you saw a mixed
Michael. He chose his words carefully. But when super producer Will.I.Am of the
Black Eyed Peas turned on the beats, Michael came alive!
There is no doubt in my mind that Jackson is coming back, but how? Amazingly, he
hasn't really thought about it.
(Cuts to footage of inside the studio)

BB: There was nothing ever bigger than (Thriller) that. That is the biggest album ever.
(Cuts to footage of Thriller video before returning to studio)
BB: If you went back and took it to a second chapter...
Michael Jackson: That's a great idea.
(Cuts to footage of Billie Jean video)
BB: (Voiceover) Imagine Michael Jackson re-visiting Thriller. Remix, DVD's, Web
Saturation. The sky's gotta be the limit with the biggest selling album with nearly 100
million copies worldwide.
(Returns to studio)
BB: Is that the first time you've heard of it? I mean like, or or, have you thought that...
Michael: No I haven't really thought about it in that way but I would give it more
thought. We haven't really discussed it yet, on that level, but I'm sure at some point
we will. But it's a great thought.
BB: Feel like I'm a collaborator here.
Michael: Yeah, yeah, you are...
(Laughter all round)

BB: I get a credit...
Michael: You are.
BB: I might get a credit.
(Cuts to footage of Michael, Will.I.Am and Billy Bush walking around Irish estate
with new track produced by Will.I.Am playing in the background)
BB: (Voiceover) For right now Michael is focused on creating and not re-creating.
And it is right here at this recording studio on the sprawling classic old Irish estate
outside of Dublin where Michael has teamed up with Black Eyed Peas leader
Will.I.Am to take his music to the next level.
(Cuts back to studio)

BB: Do you see something big with the music that you make again, or getting that
ground swell going? Doing clubs and intimate things and getting it bigger and bigger
and bigger?
Michael: Gee, you know I'm not sure, on that level.
Will.I.Am: I can answer that direct (as) a fan...
(Michael points at Will.I.Am)
BB: Go ahead.
Will.I.Am: Big!
(Cuts to footage of Michael dancing away to the music before returning)
Will.I.Am: Something needs to put a jolt back in the music industry. And the only
thing that can do that is the jolt itself. The energy that sparked the imagination of the
kids that are... me, you know, the Justin Timberlake's, we're all products of this.
(Motions to Michael) So the only person that can put that jolt back in to that
monstrosity of entertainment and music is the one who created that. (Motions to
Michael again)
(Cuts to footage of Don't Stop 'till You Get Enough video)

BB: (Voiceover) But what about those people Michael inspired...
(Cuts to footage of Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body video)
BB: (Voiceover) aspire?
(Cuts back to the studio)
BB: Michael, I would love to hear what you thought of Justin Timberlake or
something like that, because he's the closest thing to Michael Jackson I think today.
You know what I mean?
Michael: I think Justin's doing a wonderful job, as well as Usher (Michael smiles) it's
great to see. I'm inspired by what they do, and I'm sure I've inspired them. It's very

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Michael Jackson Interview ABC news

Aug. 28, 2008

He first became a star as a young boy, then endured superstardom, scandals and a legal prosecution, but as he turns 50, Michael Jackson told "Good Morning America" in an exclusive interview that he's "having a wonderful time, just relaxing."
Speaking by phone from his home in California, at times so softly he was barely audible, Jackson said he was listening to James Brown and preparing for his 50th birthday Friday, when he will "just have a little cake with my children and we'll probably watch some cartoons" -- before he gets right back to work.
Does turning 50 mean he now has an AARP card?
"Not that I know of!" Jackson said, laughing.
He said he still can do all his famous dance moves and "more."
"I feel very wise and sage, but at the same time very young," he said.
Reflecting back, Jackson said the happiest time in his life was probably when he was recording his hit solo albums "Thriller," released in 1982, and "Off the Wall," released in 1979. Those albums -- which were accompanied by a string of hit singles and videos and corresponded with the 1983 debut of his signature dance, the "moonwalk" -- propelled him to the height of his stardom.
"That meant very much to me and seemed to be received so beautifully by the public and the world," he said. "I enjoyed it very much."
Ever wonder how Michael Jackson might have...

Asked to pick a single song as his greatest achievement, Jackson went back to the same period.
"Oh boy, that's a hard one," he said, before singling out "We Are the World," "Billie Jean" and "Thriller."
But Jackson was not content to rest on his laurels, saying, "I am still looking forward to doing a lot of great things."
He hopes to release new music and tour, though he doesn't have dates set.
"I am writing all the time," he said. "I love composing and the whole thing. But I am also raising my children and enjoying it and teaching them to ride bicycles and how to read. I love it."

Music and Fame

He said he hopes to "be myself" in his future work, but also that he is "inspired by many great artists," noting he wished he could have worked with Brown or Fred Astaire.
He sees his influence in some of today's artists, specifically mentioning Chris Brown.
He said he sacrificed his childhood with "a lot of hard work," and that he remembers "giving up your life for the medium."
But he'd do it all again.

"I think I would," he said. "It is very much worth it. I have always loved show business and have always enjoyed making people happy through that medium. I love the celebration of music and dance and art. I just love it."
Asked if he'd like his two sons and daughter to have the same sort of upbringing as him, he said he'd prefer to let them "enjoy their childhood as much as possible."
"I let them go to the arcade and go to the movies and do things," he said. "I want them to get to do the kind of things I didn't get to do. So, I fill them with a lot of enjoyment that way -- a lot of amusement. You know?
"I get pretty emotional when I see them having a wonderful time," he added, "when they are on a ride and they are screaming and they are happy. ... It makes me emotional, 'cause I see they are having a real good time."
Jackson said his kids "love music ... they are very much into the arts," but that, "I don't push them."

If he could go back and give himself some advice at age 9 or 10, the approximate age of his oldest children, he would advise himself, "if you are going to do it, commit yourself, know your craft and be really involved." He'd say to be strong and to have "rhinoceros skin" when it comes to dealing with the pressures of fame.
Perhaps Jackson learned to have a thick skin after enduring years of controversies.
Born Aug. 29, 1958, in gritty Gary, Ind., Jackson rose to fame as the youngest member of the brother act, The Jackson 5. The group released its first single on the Motown label in 1969, when Jackson was 11 years old, and enjoyed a string of hits in the early 1970s.

The Jacksons to King of Pop

The group eventually became known as The Jacksons, and Jackson also had hits as a child solo artist and actor.
Jackson's adult musical career took off with "Off the Wall," and eventually, he became such a superstar that he adopted the moniker, "the king of pop."
But Jackson also developed a reputation for eccentricity. He often was seen wearing a surgical mask in public, and his appearance changed and his skin complexion seemed to grow lighter through the years.
He had a pair of brief marriages, including one to Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.
In 2002, Jackson drew criticism for dangling his youngest son, Prince Michael II, then a toddler, from a German hotel balcony as fans looked on. He later apologized.
In 1993, Jackson was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy who visited his "Neverland" ranch, but settled the case out of court.
Jackson was criminally charged with child molestation in 2003, but was acquitted in 2005.

Is the Thriller Gone?
"Fifty should have been a turning point for him," said the man known only as Phoenix, who once served as a spokesman for the Jackson family and now fronts a tribute band called the Dancing Machine Revue. "The Big 5-0, so far, is not going quite as planned."
After the trial, the family relocated to Bahrain as Jackson fled the media he once courted. Jackson recently returned to the States and has been living in Vegas where he was photographed last month being pushed in a wheelchair while wearing a dreadlocked wig, sunglasses and a surgical mask.
The photo seems to contradict Jackson's own comments that he feels young and can still perform his famous dance moves.

When Jackson biographer Stacy Brown saw it, he thought, "Oh, he's looking for attention again," he said. "Then, I looked closely and said, 'Wow, he's really thin. Maybe there's a problem."
Brown, who was once close to the family and collaborated with Jackson's brother Jermaine and sister Rebbie on books, said Jackson's has a history of physical ailments. "He's battled lupus for years, especially when he's in a high-stress situation. And he's been under that for long time."
He has also battled addictions to pain medications and can put away a surprising amount of whiskey, said Brown, co-author of "Michael Jackson: the Man behind the Mask."
But Phoenix believes it's his emotional demons that are crippling him now.
"He's been under the weather for a while, but I believe it's more or less psychological," he said. "The world has always expected him to be energetic and lively. He has a lot to live up to."

"I think it goes back even further," said Brown. "He had a lot of pressure as a boy, then carrying the group, then being the focal point. It became too much. He let go of more important things in life, his faith. He became a self-worshipper. He let go of his family."
Phoenix, who is still in touch with Jackson's parents and brothers and spoke to Tito just a few weeks ago, said the family would like to celebrate Jackson's milestone birthday with him, but has been unable to reach him. "The family has been trying to get hold of him, it's very hard for them to get in touch with him."
Instead, family members, parents Joe and Katherine and older sister Rebbie, are expected to attend Phoenix's special birthday tribute concert in his hometown of Phoenix. His revue will play its usual mix of Jackson 5, the Jacksons and Jackson's solo hits.
For a while now, the brothers have wanted to reunite with Jackson for a tour. The last one they did together, the Victory Tour, was 24 years ago. A Jacksons tour, Phoenix said, would not only thrill fans but boost the brothers who have struggled financially without Jackson.
But Brown thinks even Jackson touring the way he used to appears to be out of the question. "I don't imagine he's physically capable," he said.
Brown is also doubtful about a new album. "He's been trying to complete an album for a long time," he said. "I think that's within his reach. But will it even really matter? He doesn't even have a record deal. That's what's really amazing. He's in a situation where has to prove himself all over again."
It's a very different situation from his fellow '80s pop icons Prince and Madonna, who also turned 50 earlier this summer.

While Prince and Madonna continue to make hit records, fill stadiums, appear at the Superbowl and on magazine covers, Jackson has become something of a recluse, releasing yet another album rehashing his greatest hits in celebration of his birthday.
"They were on a level playing field for a long time. Then Michael took such a bizarre turn to his life," said Jonathan Cohen, a senior editor at Billboard magazine. "Their careers could not have diverged more."
ABC News' Thea Trachtenberg contributed to this report.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Michael Jackson Child-Hood

"I've been in the entertainment industry since I was 6 years old, and as Charles Dickens would say, 'It's been the best of times, the worst of times.' But I would not change my career ... While some have made deliberate attempts to hurt me, I take it in my stride because I have a loving family, a strong faith and wonderful friends and fans who have, and continue, to support me." MJ

Friday, February 3, 2012

Michael Jackson's Beautiful NeverLand

I would Like to say Thank You -To whomever made this video.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Michael Jackson Simulchat Interview 1995

Simulchat Interview Thursday, 17 August 1995
On August 17th, Michael met with all his fans around the world on a simulchat
including the Internet, Compuserve, America Online, and Prodigy. It was also
televised by MTV.

Compuserve Question from ORLANDO, FL: [76711,475] Janice Maki Brandon:
I have been a long time fan and I just want to know how, after all the bad press, you
can keep going and doing the best job that any rock star can do? Is it the fact you have
such a wonderful wife supporting you, or are there other reasons you stay so damn
Michael Jackson: Despite of what the press says about celebrities and myself in
general, I move ahead. I don't pay attention to that tabloid junk - it's garbage. I have
my dreams I am a visionary and I am very resilient. I feel as if I have a suit of armor
around me, like a rhinoceros skin. I am here to do what I am supposed to do. Thank
you for asking the first question.
Compuserve Question from MANCHESTER, NH: [102331,3335] Brett Mallard: If
you could be any super hero... like Batman, Superman, et al.. whom would you
choose to be and why?
Michael Jackson: I like Batman a lot... If I could choose one, it would be Morph,
from the X-Men. He can become anything ... He constantly transforms himself. I
think he can even teleport, which is interesting and exciting to me. He's not as popular
as the others, but that makes him exciting.

Prodigy Question from Darkan: Are you ever going to tour America?
Michael Jackson: I'm not exactly sure, we kind of play it by ear, kind of
spontaneous. It would be nice, but I'm not sure.
Internet Question from Brian: Is your new album doing as well as expected? Go
Michael Jackson: Yes, I am overly excited about how well the album is doing. It is
the fastest selling album in my career. Despite what the press is saying.
Unprecedented 7 million worldwide sold in the first week!
Prodigy Question from Spin Cycle: Michael, thanks for coming. What is your
favorite song on your newest CD?
Michael Jackson: Probably Earth Song, Stranger in Moscow, Little Susie. I love
songs with heart.
AOL Question from Jocelyn: When will the 3T album be in the store?
Michael Jackson: The 3-T are expected around this Christmas. They're going to be
very successful.
Prodigy Question from Bruce Ross: How has your marriage to Lisa Marie changed
your life?
Michael Jackson: I think I find it more fun to appreciate what family really means.
the fact that even though there were 10 of us Jacksons and we were always doing
things at different times and I am really learning the real meaning of love. Giving
100% of yourself all the time. Putting up with one another. So far it has been pretty

Compuserve Question from KANSAS CITY, MO. Jim Shea: Do you ever wish
you could walk into a public place and not be mobbed by your fans?
Michael Jackson: I have every disguise you can think of... that is why I wish I could
be Morph so I could change places and just enjoy life. I would love to do that.
Prodigy Question from Ally W: Hi Michael. You have an amazing voice. Whose
music has helped influence your music most?
Michael Jackson: Thank you for the compliment. That is very nice. To be honest, my
first love and appreciation for music was classical, in kindergarten. I used to listen to
Tchaikovsky every day. The great writing of Richard Rodgers and Oscar
Hammerstein, and many others. I love the showtunes.
AOL Question from Marlie14: In your interview with Diane Sawyer, you
mentioned moving out of the country. Is this in your future plans?
Michael Jackson: Yes it is.
Prodigy Question from Rros: Where is the most favorite place in the world that you
have traveled to and where would you most like to travel to
Michael Jackson: My most favorite place that I've traveled to probably would have
to be between South America and Africa. Because I love the people, and I love the
culture. The plight of the children is very interesting and I would love to continue to see more things and to help more people.

Compuserve Question from ENCINITAS, CA., Gary M. Richards: MICHAEL
Michael Jackson: If I had to pick one song... that's very difficult. Probably Ben, Got
to Be There, Heal The World, one of the oldies. Bubbles is still alive and still my pet
chimp. He's bigger, likes to eat a lot...lots of pizza, ice cream...He loves snacks!
[Michael laughs]
Internet Question from MJJ: You have accomplished so much in life. What else
would you like to accomplish in life?
Michael Jackson: I love movies my dream is to make films, not only act and sing but
to produce them as well. And I love animation.
Prodigy Question from SiBiS: In Oprah's interview, you said that you wanted to
raise a family one day..Do you plan to do so??

Michael Jackson: Yes, that's my dream for a long time. My own children, I want to
adopt them. Not only my own, but children all over the world. I think we should be
less territorial about it.
Compuserve Question from LOMBARD, IL., Kurt A. Lentsch: How did you like
working with your sister Janet on the "Scream" Video and also working with your
beautiful bride, Lisa Marie. PS Best of luck to you two, don't listen to all the BS going
Michael Jackson: That is a great question! The press creates all of these negative
stories so that people will buy their magazines or read their columns and you must not
believe everything you read or see on television. Most of it is false and it is tabloid
garbage and I want everyone to be aware of what the tabloid media is like. I have had
so much fun working with my sister and working on the set everyday. I haven't seen
her in quite some time and she is busy and I am as well and it is like a reunion.
Because of all the family members I am closest to Janet and we became very
emotional on the set. We gave each other presents but every day on the set sometimes
she would come to me sad because of some crazy story that some tabloid said. I told
her that she would have to become resilient because it is there and I want the public to
know. And Yes I had fun with Lisa Marie on the set. She wanted to perform in the
video. I had a lot of fun with Lisa Marie on the set. But when the director said
"Action," she became very shy. I was giving her a little bit of a hard time, too!

Prodigy Question from Gemseeker: When did you learn to Moonwalk? I think it's
so cool.
Michael Jackson: Thank you sooo much. I've always loved illusion dancing, where
you can create an illusion with the body. There's a new step working on called
Skywalk. I've been working on it.
Prodigy Question from blondie101: What inspired you to write the song "Beat It"?
Michael Jackson: Quincy Jones, for the album THRILLER, asked me to write a song
with a rock edge to it. I said yes, I can do that. So the very same day, I went to the
recording studio, and I literally just started to sing that song. It literally came that fast.
Every song is different. The gestation process for BEAT IT was so fast, it was
amazing. I thought about what I'd do in that situation... A confrontation with a gang...
I wouldn't do what these people would do. The way I was raised I would turn the
other cheek without creating a war or being a coward either.
Compuserve Question from VANCOUVER, WA., Brandon: I come from a large
family is it hard for you to see the animosity between your sister LaToya and yourself.
you seem to be above all the petty gossip that others love to spread. I just want to give
you two thumbs up on your maturity.
Michael Jackson: Gee - thank you very much! I love you. Thank you.

Prodigy Question from Curveball: Will there be a next album?
Michael Jackson: I am not sure. This might be my last album I ever do. I will always
create music but am not sure if I'll create another album.
Prodigy Question from Midway Gal: How did you get into music?
Michael Jackson: I don't think I can answer that without sounding philosophical. We
never had music or dance lessons in our house, ever. We were a family that sang all
the time. We watched television. We would entertain ourselves... We would take all
the furniture out of the living room and dance. I think you're pretty much born with a
gift and you are compelled to create. That is what I have always felt. I remember
making up songs when I was really little. I remember when I was little there was rain
outside and we would make up songs. Janet and I would have a songwriting game
while we washed the dishes...while we were cleaning. I think most kids don't do that
these days. It was our destiny.
AOL Question from EvenBeevu: Do you come up with the ideas for all of your
Michael Jackson: A lot of them I do come up with. A lot of the concepts do originate
with me. After singing Thriller I knew that I wanted to do a short film. Asimple guy
goes out on a date and confesses to her that he's different. I wanted totransform into
different things. It was fun. I had so much fun making that. Beat It is another concept
that I came up with. Confrontation -two gangs - West Side Story. I wanted real gang
members. I wanted to see real the walk, in the character in the clothes. and
I thinkit came across.

Prodigy Question from Pelon: What has been your proudest musical achievement?
Michael Jackson: One of them it is really a difficult question to answer because I am
not a women but writing a song is like conceiving a child... I love all the songs . We
are the World is one of the most favorite things that I've done. I am proud of that... it
has reached a lot of people, it has touched a lot of people. My Secretary called when I
was in the car and said pull over. And it was like a prayer when all of the radio
stations played it. I had tears.
Compuserve Question from MELBOURNE, FL., Firefly: Michael, I was
wondering if/when we will see more of the old-style video's and mini-movies like
"Thriller" and "Moonwalker?"
Michael Jackson: I love that. That's what I want to get back to doing. Well those
types of short films are my favorite because it is not just a video in the sense of videos
and images and's a short story. But to do those takes us up to 4, 5, 6, 7
months sometimes and that has become a problem. We are going back to that. That is
my dream.
I'd like to make this announcement: My nephews are in here and want to sit in and
[nephews are entering the room]

Compuserve Question from SEATTLE, WA: [76550,2570] Natalie Ringland:
You seem to be interested in many cultures. Have you ever studied the North? I live
in an Inupiat Eskimo village at the top of Alaska. Life is different here. If you ever
visit, the land and people here might inspire you. Do you travel for inspiration? --
Michael Jackson: Yes I do travel for inspiration and I would love to come to Alaska
someday. I have flown over Alaska and I do love to travel. Maybe with your extended
invitation I might be able to come!
Prodigy Question from Frogbelly: In your song "Childhood" you sing about how
you've never really known the joys of youth. What is the one thing you missed the
Michael Jackson: Probably the simple little things that kids do like having a friend
over or going to the park or even trick-or-treat or Christmas or birthday and when we
were little we didn't have any of those things. We had to hear about them. Some of the
kids who take them for granted. I haven't celebrated my birthday yet. Maybe someday
I will.

Prodigy Question from Diva: Michael, I love HIStory and think it's the best yet.
When are you going to release the videos as a complete set?
Michael Jackson: Thank you for the compliment. I worked very hard. This
Christmas I think we are going to have a complete up to date of the shorts on one
AOL Question from Applehead: It's one of Apple head's friends, guess which
one...hint Family Matters...what is your favorite song on HIStory? Tell Lisa Marie
and Janet I said hi!
Michael Jackson: I know exactly who that is! [laughter in the room] My favorite
song is probably "Childhood" "Earth Song". But nice to hear from you Brighton, hope
I get to see you soon. Tell all my other relatives I said hello.
Prodigy Question from Mr Potter: Do you ever wish you could play small rooms
with intimate audiences instead of mega-productions?
Michael Jackson: Yes. I think that is the mark of a true performer, to be able to reach
any audience around the world, any size. If you can directly relate to a small group,
magic starts to happen. I started out playing those kinds of concerts. This Christmas,
I'm doing an HBO special (Dec 10), and it is intimate. It's close-up. It will allow me to
do a lot of things I've never done before.

Compuserve Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK - Sam Clarke: Story in
UK press this morning claims quickie divorce on the cards? Is it true?
Michael Jackson: Never believe the tabloid garbage. Don't waste your time, don't
waste your money. No, it's not true. If you hear it from my lips, then you can believe
it. But no, it's not true.
Internet Question From MJJ: What is your process from going from creating a
rhythm on your human voice-box to the album version, such as in songs 'Who Is It'
and 'Tabloid Junkie'?
Michael Jackson: the process is creating a vocal rhythm to a click track - which is a
sound, a timed beat. And you're doing these mouth sounds to that beat. These sounds
can be looped according to how you sample it in the computer again and again. This
is your foundation for the entire track - everything plays off this. It's the rhythm, like
the beatbox rhythm. Every song I've written since I was very little I've done that way.
I still do it that way.

AOL Question from Smufetty: I love you and have enjoyed your music since icould
hear and see..just one question: how can you keep going when the media makes
everything so hard?
Michael Jackson: Thank you for your compliment, I appreciate it.I believe in my
work, like I said, I have great confidence in my dreams. When I have a great idea I
have an iron will, Even though the media creates such negative stories they do it just
to sell more papers. If you look throughout history, and I'm not trying to put my name
with the names of the past it's been pretty much the same. Ghandi, Christ and I'm not
saying I'm Christ, I don't want to hear the press saying that. Some of the worst
attentions had to do with ignorance on the part of the people because of the press. If it
happened to them, it can happen to me.

AOL Question from DanielStein: If you could meet someone dead or alive and talk
with them for an hour who would it be and why. P.S. Rock on with your bad self!
Michael Jackson: It would probably be Michelangelo because I think he is a
phenomenal artist and I love art I think I understand what he was trying to say and do
even though he got criticized. He was a true artist to the point of true artistry. I would
love to just sit down and have a talk.
Prodigy Question from Tristene: Who is your best friend?
Michael Jackson: Pretty much the same as I've said...the children of the world...for
their innocence, their simplicity, and their love. It's the same kind of innocence that I
find in animals. They just want you for your love, and I love that.
Compuserve Question from BOUNDBROOK, NJ - AL & MEG: WHAT WAS IT

Michael Jackson: I truly care about children, and about the future for our children.
I'm a little frightened about what the future is going to bring. I truly, truly love them
and care about them. I will always help them. When I go on tour, I visit hospitals,
terminally ill children. At my ranch at Neverland, we have many terminally ill
children as our guests. We do this every few weeks. You do it because you truly love
them and you care.
Internet Question From MJJ: It is rumored (I know you hate that word) that you are
doing another book... Do you plan another book, if so, what will it contain?
Michael Jackson: I wrote a book called DANCING THE DREAM. It was more
autobiographical than Moonwalker, which I did with Mrs. Onassis. It wasn't full of
gossip and scandal and all the trash that people write so I don't think people paid
much attention to it, but it came from my heart. It was essays, thoughts, things that
I've thought about while on tour. I'm not planning to write another book anytime soon.
If you want to know how I to feel, you can check out HIStory. It's a musical book.
Prodigy Question from Gemseeker: When & How did you learn to moonwalk? I
think it's sooooo cool! :>

Michael Jackson: Thank you soooo much! I've always loved illusion dancing when
you can pretty much create a step or an illusion with the body. THere's a new step that
looks like you defy gravity that I've been working on for along time. One of my
favorite movers is Marcel Marceau. But a lot of the steps that I do come from my
heart. A lot of the steps come from the black community. From tap dancing, to the
cake walk, to the Charleston. All these dances come from the black community to go
all over the world.
Compuserve Question from COMPUSERVE REROUTED - Jamie Ballengee:
Mr. Jackson, What advice would you give someone who is in a similar position with
the bad things from the press? My little sister Andrea Ballengee lost her Miss VA
crown. Sad
Michael Jackson: You don't pay attention to it. You become strong, you move ahead.
The best advice I can give is to believe in yourself, know there's a tomorrow, walk
tall...don't pay attention to the's complete ignorance.
Internet Question From MsMittens: Oh... before I forget... someone from the
internet who couldn't access this site asked me to ask you how you are doing and why
you are doing the simulchat tonight?

Michael Jackson: I'm fine, doing all right. [laughs] I'm doing this simulchat because
I love my fans, and I want to talk with you! I think this is incredible technology, just
amazing, and I think we're pioneering here! Can I say hello to a couple of my friends?
Hello, Lisa Marie...Hello, Paul McCartney...Hello, Mrs. Disney... Hello to my friends
in Gary, Indiana...I can't think of a good joke to say... I want to say I love all of you,
all of my fans around the world I love you dearly and don't listen to all the garbage
that you hear.
AOL Question from VanishR29: How do you feel about technology like the internet
and it's effect on society?
Michael Jackson: I think it is wonderful. It is a wonderful way to correspond it's
growing and this is the tip of the iceberg. In the next year we will see some amazing
growths in technology and I hope that I'm around to see it. I pray that we continue to
serve the world in a positive way not a negative way and not hurt anyone because it is
Internet Question From MJJ: How involved are you with the other groups on the
MJJ label?
Michael Jackson: I'm very much involved, not to the point of always being there, but
listening to tapes, collaborating on the telephone, picking artists recommending ideas.
The new 3T album which I just heard I think is going to be a big success. I do believe
I want to say hi to Bill Bellamy in LA - he's a great guy.
Thank you! Good night everybody. Talk to you soon. Bye!